About me and my plans


As the day gets closer to my departure I am a little nervous. Not for the fact that its such a long walk, or that I’m doing it on my own, these things don’t really bother me. It’s more about not being able to complete it.

I’m not putting myself under pressure either, but still the butterflies are there in my stomach while I write this. I CAN DO THIS.

I will miss my wife and kids but I will come back a better person.

6 Responses to About me and my plans

  1. aileen mcmullan says:

    You are just right! As we know only too well life is too short. Good for you and keep safe! Love you loads and very proud of what you are doing. Good luck big bruv!


  2. Jim Trow says:

    My daughter & I did the Camino from 9-22-2012 until 10/27/2012, arriving in Santiago on my 77th birthday. A great adventure and a lasting experience that I recall almost everyday! I am now a Camino “junkie” and I will look forward to your posts. You have a very noble purpose for your Camino.
    Everyone does their “own” Camino, and if I am ever able to do it again, one thing I would do differently is to slow down and “absorb” more of the entire experience. We walked fast for 37 straight days with no rest days, starting about 8AM finishing about 1:30-2:00PM each day. As a result we had too much idle time.
    What is your starting date and do you have a projected finishing date? Will you start from SJPDP?
    I would be happy to share if there is anyway I could help.


    • CJ says:

      Thanks for that Jim, I hope to enjoy my Camino every bit as much as I think you did. I will try to update this site as much as I can song the way. I’ll keep you up to date personally if I can


    • CJ says:

      Hi Jim
      I’m leaving on 2nd September and starting at Logroño. I fly into Bilbao from Dublin and will have to go and get my Passport stamped. Do you know what time the Cathedral in Logroño opens in the morning for this stamp or can I get it stamped when I arrive on 1st September?


      • J trowbridge says:

        I don’t know about the Cathedral. If you just want a stamp to show you have been in Logrono, you can probably get one at any albergue or hostel. However, they may be reluctant to give one if you haven’t stayed there. Alternately, most bars, etc. have stamps also.


  3. Patrick Barr says:

    Hi Campbell -Hope your feet are on the mend and that you will soon be pounding the road again.Remember you are a Puig de Maria veteran!!!!Total respect and admiration for what you’re doing!!Buen suerte!Paddy and Janice

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