For John


I lost my brother John on 4th July 2015.

I decided to bring a momento to leave at one of the cairns of stones left by peregrinos on their walk.

I asked John’s wife Karen for a piece of jewellery which John had which I could incorporate in this momento. She gave me a necklace which John wore always, not worth a lot, but worth millions to me.

I decided to split this into two pieces, I wear one part as a bracelet and the other would be put inside a stone which I would split in two and carve out a chamber, big enough to hold the other half of the necklace.

I searched the beach outside our house for the right stone to use and found the perfect one.


I also have a video which you can view which might explain better.

Although I am not walking the Camino for any specific charity I have included a link at top of this page (hover over “For John” on menu) for Marie Curie. In Belfast they looked after John with great sympathy and dignity until he left us.

I would take this opportunity to thank them on behalf of all of John’s family and, if anyone wants, they can make a donation to this fantastic Charity.MC_Logo_Primary_clear area_RGB_300dpi-20150826-085434851

3 Responses to For John

  1. Ann-Marie Foster says:

    Really moving…..


  2. janeyfos says:

    Will be thinking of you every day you are away, and very much looking forward to the updates on your blog! Stephen & I couldn’t let you go without a catch up, we really must make time to do that more often xo


  3. janeyfos says:

    Looking forward to your updates, will be thinking of you every day! We are so glad we got to catch up with you before you set off, we really must do that more often…


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