Stayed in albergue in Azofra which was great, paid a bit extra and got a room to myself, they have doubles but I paid 15 Euro for myself which was ok.

Went to cafe bar and had a great 3 course meal for 10 Euro which included a half bottle of beautiful Rioja.

Set of around 7:30 with feet killing me. Arrived in Santo Domingo and had to see doctor. Bad blister between toes. Luckily I had sent my bag on ahead to the village further on – Grañon. Won’t be staying. Moving on the Burgos to hole up there for 2 or 3 days until My foot heals a bit.
And so it goes.

About CJ

Setting out 1st September to walk El Camino. I am walking the French Way and starting at Logroño. My wonderful wife is joining me at Sarria to finish the walk with me.
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