Peregrinos stay safe

I don’t know if people are still walking their Camino in these days of dread of the coronavirus. I hope they are not. I would hate to think what it would be like to miss or have to end your Camino after preparing yourself, physically and emotionally.

My Camino changed my life. Changed my thinking. Changed my world.

I am heartbroken when I see all those poor people suffering and dying from something that shows the way the world has changed.

Ease of travel and opportunities to meet people from all over the world made my Camino such a special thing. Today this is the reason this virus has spread and killed.

Walk with me if you have already done your Camino and remember those stories your peregrino friends related to you as you walked and at the end of your walking day.

The sharing of your life to people who started as strangers and ended as brothers, sisters, family.

For those yet to do theirs, wait. These are not good days. Your time will come, your Camino will be there, your heart will be filled.

This has convinced me to do another piece of life-changing.

I need to reach out to people. I need to hear your story. I need to share mine.

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